At Redcliffe Hot Water Systems, we service and replace all makes and models. Whether you’re on gas or electricity. Whether you’re wanting a repair or a new system. We’ve got you covered.

Can a new hot water system save me money?

Absolutely! In many cases, the electricity consumed by your hot water system could equate to as much as 75% of your household electricity expenses. A new Heat Pump Hot Water System uses 75% less electricity than a traditional Hot Water Tank System.

Let’s do a case study:

An average quarterly hot water bill for a family in Redcliffe is $500 (add another hundred or two if you have a swimming pool or you’re running your air conditioner regularly)

If 75% of that is attributed to your hot water system, that’s $400 per quarter it’s costing you to have hot water in your home.

Invest in a Heat Pump Hot Water System and you’ll see a 75% reduction*, bringing your hot water expenditure down to $100, knocking $300 off your quarterly bill!

*approximate figures only.